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Creating Local Economies

By providing affordable retail opportunities, technical assistance, start-up capital and support, Mercado La Paloma seeks to create business ownership opportunities and living wage jobs in our community.  It is our goal to offer needed goods and services to residents and employees and retain spending in our neighborhood.

Since 2001 Mercado La Paloma has been home for 43 small businesses and currently hosts 14 businesses, providing 200 jobs in our community.  Even in recent challenging economic times, our businesses flourish and provide some of the best services in the City.  LA Weekly recently selected two of our restaurants among the Top 99 Restaurants in Los Angeles.  And Food and Wine Magazine selected one of our chefs as one of the Top Ten New Chefs of 2011 nationally.    

Many of our current and past business owners have used their business incomes to purchase homes, open additional businesses, and send children to college.  Those who do not work there benefit from having a welcoming place to gather; access to high quality goods and services; and lively art and cultural events.


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  • Bradley L.
    Bradley L. 5

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  • Sane C.
    Sane C. 4

    I would've never noticed this place if Mo-Chica didn't move. Stopped by the Mercado La Paloma to grab me some Mo-Chica but bastards moved so I walked around... MORE >

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    Greg P. 5

    Whenever I see a place nearby that has burgers that have an average of a 5-star, I have to go there. So I went! Walking up to it, there is nothing eye... MORE >