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Providing Services

Through the non-profit offices located on the second floor, Esperan Salud (our public health drop by center), and our affordable meeting room that hosts a wide range of community meetings, events and classes, Mercado La Paloma provides a range of services to our community under one roof.

Mercado La Paloma is currently home to six non- profit organizations: WINTER (Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles), The Committee of Interns and Residents, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, The Southside Coalition for Community Health Clinics, the Children’s Collective, and the Program for Torture Victims.

Mercado La Paloma is home to three of Esperanza Community Housing Corporation’s health programs including Esperan Salud, Esperanza’s public health drop by center; Best Babies, which focuses on reproductive and maternal care; and the Asthma Program.

Over the past year Mercado La Paloma’s conference room has been used as a site for free weekly yoga classes, music classes, drama classes, family celebrations and countless community meetings and trainings by hundreds of educational institutions, non-profit organizations and for profit organizations.


The Non-Profit Organizations located at Mercado La Paloma

La Salud Tiene Sabor/Smart Menu, Esperanza's innovative menu labeling project at the Mercado.


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